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Cerebral Palsy Treatment

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Cerebral palsy is a term that unites a group of chronic diseases characterized by movement disorders. The main cause is abnormal development or damage of those parts of the brain that control movement, balance, and coordination. Often the problems develop during pregnancy, but they can also appear shortly after the birth or during childbirth. There are different types of cerebral palsy and the symptoms vary. Some of the patients experience difficulties with speech, eating and sleep. About 30%-50% people with cerebral palsy have mental development disorder. The prevalence rate of the disease is 2 to 1000 newborns (1,33 times more often among boys).

There are many methods of cerebral palsy treatment, including medication and physiotherapy. Stem cell therapy is a relatively new method that has already shown positive results. Cellular treatment is based on the ability of stem cells to restore and build tissues in the organism.

By implanting stem cells, doctors have managed to improve the functioning of organs and systems, particularly nervous and muscular. Stem cells contain programs and information which serve as an algorithm for correcting errors. It is important not to delay the treatment. The study shows, that children who undergo cellular treatment, develop faster than the children with the same diagnosis. Timely stem cell therapy allows to recover affected brain centers and nervous muscle control.

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Improvements that can be expected after stem cell therapy:

Improved function of the musculoskeletal system

Speech development

Prevention and elimination of seizures

Bowel and bladder control improvement 

Cognitive function improvement

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Celebrities Say

Celebrities Say

Stem cells have the potential of slowing down progression of multiple sclerosis. Jack traveled to Germany to receive stem cells treatment and went public about it. “They pull stem cells from your own blood then inject them back into you. Hopefully it will repair any damaged cells and nerves and things like that” – said Jack. Now Jack feels good and is doing everything to halt his disease.

Jack Osbourne

English and American media personality

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