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Developmental Delay Treatment

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Children do not grow and develop according to a timetable but there are conditions that shouldn’t be neglected. Developmental delay is more than just being a little behind children of the same age. Minor differences, like not rolling over by 4 months, shouldn’t cause concern. However, if the child is constantly behind kids of his age, it is a serious reason to see the doctor. There are various types of developmental delays in young children and infants, such as problems with cognitive skills, movement, speech or language, vision. Sometimes children have delays in many or all these areas. This condition is called “global development delay”. Statistically, 4% of children have delays in different areas of development.

There’s no universal treatment for all children with developmental delay as every case is unique in its causes and symptoms. Stem cell therapy is an innovative way to treat children with this disorder. For the treatment of developmental delay, doctors usually use the patient’s own stem cells

Implanted stem cells stimulate reparative processes in the brain, improve its nutrition and boost the immune system. As a result, children develop cognitive functions and skills needed for social adaptation. Stem cell therapy in complex with other methods of treatment, individually chosen for every child, shows impressive results. Regenerative therapy stimulates internal forces of the organism and work of neurons that results in the elimination of disease manifestation.

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Improvements that can be expected after stem cell therapy:

Speech and language skills improvement. Children gain the ability to use and understand language

Better skills of concentration

Motor skills improvement

Cognitive skills improvement. Older children are learning to count, new words, colors. Babies express curiosity

Social and emotional skills improvement. It implies emotions control, express of feelings and communication with others

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Celebrities Say

Celebrities Say

Stem cells have the potential of slowing down progression of multiple sclerosis. Jack traveled to Germany to receive stem cells treatment and went public about it. “They pull stem cells from your own blood then inject them back into you. Hopefully it will repair any damaged cells and nerves and things like that” – said Jack. Now Jack feels good and is doing everything to halt his disease.

Jack Osbourne

English and American media personality

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