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Heart diseases are the leading cause of death among men and women in the world. According to the statistics, around 610,000 people die of heart diseases every year in the USA. The causes for the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases are stress, excessive alcohol use, genetic disposition, physical inactivity, smoking, overweight, poor diet, сo-existing diseases and other. The most common type of heart disease is coronary heart disease (CHD), that kills nearly 400,000 people annually in the United States.

Only a few of the people with heart diseases know that their state can be treated or significantly improved without risky surgeries. Stem cells therapy is an innovative way to help people with the diseases of the cardiovascular system. It has already proved its effectiveness in fighting CHD, heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and other life-threatening diseases. For the procedure, doctors take stem cells of the patient, then they cultivate them in the laboratory to the amount needed for the therapy and transplant back to the body. In the organism stem cells have the ability to recognize the disease and differentiate into the cells needed for regeneration. In other words, by implanting stem cells doctors significantly improve natural regenerative abilities of the body.

With stem cells researchers can repair heart tissue damaged after heart attacks. Stem cells can also be used as disease prevention for people who have heart disease history in their family.
Duration of the treatment and its results depends on many factors, such as age, a way of life, condition, etc. The treatment plan is designed after a thorough examination of the patient’s condition and is different for every patient.

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Improvements that can be expected after stem cell therapy:

Cardio function improvement

Regeneration of the damaged tissues after heart attacks

Improvement of blood supply to the heart

Reduction of fibrosis processes

Restoration of blood flow in large areas of the coronary arteries

Heart rate normalization

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Celebrities Say

Celebrities Say

Stem cells have the potential of slowing down progression of multiple sclerosis. Jack traveled to Germany to receive stem cells treatment and went public about it. “They pull stem cells from your own blood then inject them back into you. Hopefully it will repair any damaged cells and nerves and things like that” – said Jack. Now Jack feels good and is doing everything to halt his disease.

Jack Osbourne

English and American media personality

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